STA / Construction Permits

The following is a list of the current STA (Special Testing Authorization) and Construction Permits issued by the ORRC.   These are temporary permits and expire after 6 months from being granted .  It is up to the applicant to update an STA to a Construction Permit or a Construction Permit to a Coordination prior to the expiration of the permit or the STA/Construction Permit will become void and the frequency returned to the coordination committee for reallocation to other applicants.  Neither an STA or Construction Permit are published to the ARRL Repeater Guide or any other publisher of coordination data.   You may sort the records in the displayed table by clicking on any table column except the ARRL Code column .

145.4300144.8300CondonKM7MMKM7MMKM7MMNorth Central Oregono,t06-12-2022
146.6400146.0400Cave JunctionK7LIXK7LIXAA7JSK7LIXSouth West Oregono06-12-2022
147.0000147.6000BendKC7DMFKC7DMFKC7DMFKC7DMFCentral East OregoneL06-12-2022
147.0600147.6600YachatsN7HQRN7HQRN7HQRN7HQROregon Coast - Centralo
224.1800222.5800BeavercreekKD7ZDON7YAFW7SZSN7YAFNorth Willamette Valleyot(103.5)se
224.2000222.6000McMinnvilleK7JCNK7JCNK7JCNNorth Willamette Valleyo06-12-2022
224.2000222.6000Coos BayK7REAK7REAK7REAOregon Coast - Southot10-01-2020
440.4750445.4750Cottage GroveN7GWAN7GWAN7GWASouth Willamette Valleyo e t06-12-2022
441.3250446.3250PortlandKA7AGHKA7AGHPortland Metroo
444.0000449.0000RedmondK7JLRK7JLRK7JLRK7JLRCentral East Oregonoet(114.8)
444.1250449.1250Grants PassN7ZMRN7ZMRN7ZMRN7ZMRSouth West Oregonot(151.4)E-SUN03-12-2022
444.8000449.8000Jordan ValleyKC7GLRW7KHDKC7GLRW7KHDSouth East Oregonote-sun
444.8375449.8375PortlandWA7HAAWA7HAAWA7HAAWA7HAAPortland Metroo, e