Zoom Meeting planned for September 11, 2022: ** 10:00 AM Operations Meeting ** 1:00 PM Board Meeting ** Our "in person" meetings have been suspended due to COVID concerns, operations and board meetings are continuing via Zoom. See instructions for the meeting under ORRC Board / Next Board Meeting. Please stay in touch with the BOARD if you have ORRC business. You are free to make applications and use the site as usual. Contact your ORRC Representative if immediate response is needed. ** If you have an application before the ORRC involving a frequency, it is recommended that you attend the meeting to cover details of your application. ** If you have issues or suggestions about the new WEB interface please come with details or email databaseadmin@orrc.org to have them considered and or addressed. ** updated 6-13-2022 WA7ABU

The Oregon Region Relay Council is a non-profit corporation formed by repeater owners in Oregon and Southwest Washington with the purpose of representing every coordinated repeater owner. Being certified with the National Frequency Coordination Council, the ORRC is governed by Bylaws made by the repeater owners and managed by a board of directors consisting of regional directors that are elected by their peers as well as five 'At Large' directors who are elected at the annual general membership meeting. The ORRC Operations Committee meets every other month to review applications and grant coordination requests. Following that meeting is the Board meeting and is open to all. The ORRC works closely with the neighboring coordination organizations (Western Washington Amateur Radio Association, Inland Area Coordination's Council, SEICC, and Northern Amateur Relay Council of California) to assist repeater owners in operating systems that will not conflict with neighboring states.

Our Goal is...

  • To facilitate and manage system coordinations, spectrum conservation and management.
  • To determine and recommend technical and operational standards and policies to amateur relay system operators.
  • To help minimize radio interference between and among systems and system users.
  • To represent system operators and system users in policy and regulatory matters.

Application, Updates and general coordination maintenance may be done via this website. Official written communication must be done through the ORRC post office box listed at the top of this page.  All correspondence that requires board review and/or action must be received at the P.O. Box no later than ten days prior to the next scheduled board meeting.

< Please do not send registered or certified mail. >