Coordination Records Pending Decoordination

The ORRC may de-coordinate a system only for the following:

  1. An unwillingness to make a good faith effort to control or reduce an interference problem
  2. Failure to correct interference caused by operation outside of the systems coordination parameters or recognized band plans
  3. Operation of a system in violation of FCC rules and regulations
  4. Failure, in the absence of an extension, to commence or continue operation for a 6 month period
  5. Failure to file yearly update forms for three (3) consecutive years
  6. Failure to reply to official ORRC communications
  7. Substantial deviation from the coordinated parameters of the system or good Amateur practices, provided:
    1. The ORRC has on file an application for new or modified coordination which can be satisfied if the existing system were operating within coordinated parameters and good Amateur practices, and
    2. No other frequencies are available in that band which will meet the needs of the application for new or modified coordination, and
    3. The coordinated operator has not corrected the problem within 120 days after notification by the ORRC Board.
  8. Knowingly providing inaccurate or misleading information to ORRC.

De-coordination proceedings will be handled by the Board of Directors in the following manner.

When a complaint is brought before the Board, the Board shall cause to be created a record of all actions, findings and deliberations relevant to the case. Further, the Board shall communicate in writing with the owner in question and provide a two week period for reply. Said communication shall state the reasons for the complaint and proposed actions if any.

If in response to the communications, the Board finds that (1) the conditions and cause of the complaint will or have been corrected, or (2) the facts of the case do not warrant further action, then the Board may dismiss the action. Otherwise, the Board shall set a hearing date, providing not less than 30 days’ notice. Notice of the time and place of the hearing shall be sent by certified mail.

144.9500FlorenceHerman PeakW7FLOAC0WNN7GYL01-10-2019
146.8000FlorenceHerman PeakW7FLOAC0WNN7GYL01-10-2019
223.4200FlorenceHerman PeakW7FLOAC0WNN7GYL01-10-2019
441.1000Parachute Hill aka Glenada HillW7FLOAC0WNN7GYL01-10-2019
442.5750FlorenceHerman PeakW7FLOAC0WNN7GYL01-10-2019
442.9750TillamookCape MearsN7ISN7ISN7IS01-12-2019
927.1250PortlandKGW TowerK7QDXK7QDXK7QDX01-13-2019
443.3000PortlandCouncil CrestK7NEK7NEK7NE01-14-2019
147.0000White SalmonWhite SalmonKB7DRXKB7DRXKB7DRX03-06-2018
443.1750White SalmonWhite SalmonKB7DRXKB7DRXKB7DRX03-06-2018
440.1750ManzanitaAngora PeakKD7YPYKD7YPYKD7YPY03-16-2018
440.5250TillamookTriangulation PointKD7YPYKD7YPYKD7YPY03-16-2018
441.3000HeboMount HeboKD7YPYKD7YPYKD7YPY03-16-2018
147.2000White SalmonUnderwood MtnKB7DRX03-28-2018
444.2500SilvertonPowers CreekW7SAAWA7NNEW7SAA04-17-2021
147.3000BrownsvilleWashburn HeightsW7WZAW7WZAW7WZA08-25-2018
434.0000CoburgCoburg RidgeK7UNDK7UNDK7UND10-02-2018
434.1250CoburgCoburg RidgeK7UNDK7UNDK7UND10-02-2018
434.1500SistersHoodoo ButteK7UNDK7UNDK7UND10-02-2018
434.3500Kline TownCline ButteK7UNDK7UNDK7UND10-02-2018
439.0500WolfburgWolf MountainK7UNDK7UNDK7UND10-02-2018
439.1500WolfburgWolf MountainK7UNDK7UNDK7UND10-02-2018
439.2500SistersHoodoo ButteK7UNDK7UNDK7UND10-02-2018
439.3500SistersHoodoo ButteK7UNDK7UNDK7UND10-02-2018
441.3250EugeneCoburg RidgeK7UNDK7UNDK7UND10-02-2018
441.6750OakridgeWolf MountainK7UNDK7UNDK7UND10-02-2018
442.1250BendCline ButteK7UNDK7UNDK7UND10-02-2018
147.2000LebanonCedar ButteK7ENWELRA10-04-2018
438.7250ReedsportWinchester HillW7OCKA7AW7OC10-05-2018
442.6000Brownsvillewashburn heightsKB7KUBKB7KUBKB7KUB10-14-2018
440.8625salem45th ave RepeaterKB7PPMKB7PPMKB7PPM12-03-2018