The ORRC annual membership dues are $15 and may be paid by check or PayPal at any time prior to the end of the year.  All payments before December 31st will be applied to the present year.

The fee for submitting a New Coordination Request or Coordination Change Request application is $10 and may be paid by check or PayPal.  This fee must be paid after the application is approved for a "Construction Permit" or "Coordination".  You will be notified by email if your application is approved or denied.  If approved you will receive an automated email with the code that must be entered into the PayPal link to sync your payment with your specific application.   If paying by check, please write the provided number on the check in an obvious location.   NO fee/payment is required for a denied application.

Please note that you must pay (or maintain) your ORRC annual members dues and any Coordination Application fees in order to have your application approved and obtain access to your records.  Simply paying the application fee for a submitted application does not grant you access to your coordination records or provide for the approval of your application.

If you wish to pay your annual dues or application fees by using Pay Pal please use the "Add to Cart" buttons below.  You do not need your own personal Pay Pal account for this process.

Payments made by check should be made out to "ORRC" and mailed to PO Box 91154, Portland, OR, 97291-0003.  Please include your call sign, coordination name and Tx frequency on your check to ensure payment is applied to the correct application and/or membership.  If you are making a donation to the ORRC, please indicate this on your check and your support is greatly appreciated.

NOTE:   Payment receipt will be sent from the ORRC by email only.  In addition, your initial password will be sent along with your payment confirmation.  Therefore, if you did not provide an accurate email address with your registration you will not be able to receive your password to log on to the ORRC Members section of the web site to manage your coordinations and member profile.   If this is this case, please contact your regional director to arrange for a password to be provided for your access.  If you are paying by check you may include a self address stamped envelope to receive your payment confirmation and password, if you did not provide an email address with your registration (application).

$15 Annual Membership Dues      
Annual Membership fee must be paid one time within a calendar year... please see information in text above.

$10 Application Fee     
The application fee will be requested once your Application has been reviewed and approved... please see information in text above.