ORRC Board Meeting

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Driving Instructions

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Completed Board Actions

The ORRC Board maintains a list of recent actions taken during the review process of coordination applications.  You may click on the button below to view this list.  You may click it a second time to hide the list.

Action DateApplicantBoard ActionDispositionerRegionEmailUSPS Notice SentKey
2018-11-29KB7APUInitial Review AcceptedKJ7IY2NN2149
2018-11-29KB7APUInitial Review AcceptedKJ7IY2NN2012
2018-11-29N6ZZYInitial Review RejectedKJ7IY2YN2210
2018-11-29W6WHDInitial Review AcceptedKJ7IY2NN2291
2018-11-29 Initial Review AcceptedKJ7IY2NN2413
2018-11-29KJ7IYInitial Review RejectedKJ7IY2YN2421
2018-11-29KJ7IYInitial Review AcceptedKJ7IY2NN2422
2018-11-29KJ7IYInitial Review RejectedKJ7IY2YN2423
2018-11-29KJ7IYInitial Review AcceptedKJ7IY2NN2424
2018-12-02W6WHDInitial Review AcceptedN7NPA4NN2400

Meeting Minutes

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